Mass is celebrated on a daily basis in the benefice as we believe that it is central to all that we are and desire to be.

Mass is said or sung at the following times:

SUNDAY        10.30am   HIGH MASS with SERMON

MONDAY         11.30 am      Benefice Mass at St Paul's (said)

TUESDAY         11.00 am      Mass  (said)

WEDNESDAY    11.30 am      Benefice Mass at St Paul's (said)

THURSDAY      11.30 am      Benefice Mass at St Paul's (said)

FRIDAY            11.00am       Mass (said)   (followed by coffee & cake)

SATURDAY       10.30 am      Mass  (said)

On Solemnities and Feasts (major festivals)  Mass may be said or sung at other times, these can be obtained by calling the Parish Office or one of the clergy. Special Services are listed on the Seasonal or What's On page.

At Saint Michael’s the Divine Office (prayers) are said in church every morning and evening. Daily Prayer in the Catholic tradition owes much to the monastic practice for most of Christian history of reciting psalms and reading scripture in a meditative way. There are variations proper to the seasons of the Church's year or to the saint if it is a feast or commemoration, but for the most part the Office consists in a regular recitation of nearly all of the Psalter and most of the rest of the Bible.

The 'given-ness' of the psalms and the readings reminds us that in prayer, as in all things, God is the initiator: God moves towards us and we respond with thankfulness. The words of the Office enable this movement from God to us and back again. We do not 'choose' the psalms and readings, and that helps us avoid being immersed solely in our own concerns.

The repetitive nature of the recitation of the psalms enables the participant to allow the words to enfold him or her in the deeper meaning of the text so that the soul is free and open to the movement of the Spirit of God.

The systematic reading of scripture helps us to be more aware of the depth and width of God's involvement in, and love for, the world in which we live.

Morning and Evening Prayer are 'official' and corporate. They are complementary to the equally important prayer we do alone and in private, or in small groups. The one kind of prayer informs and revitalises the other.

The Divine Office is recited twice each day at usually at 8.30am and 5.30pm respectively. On Saturdays Morning Prayer is at 9am, there is no Evening Prayer on Sundays as all are encouraged to worship at our Sister Church of Saint Pauls, West Street at 6.30pm.

The Mass readings for the day can usually be found here, however on Feasts and Solemnities proper to the Church of England, they may differ.

Mass Readings